Brinja RiedelMonique Sikkens - 1 Hoof
Tel: +31 6 53 65 70 87
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Drenthe (NL)
Monique is broadly schooled in all horse related activities covering training, rehabilitation and coaching of sport horses. She has certification and qualifications in working with horses in a holistic way. SURE FOOT Pads and Equine Bodywork, including sports massage, Emmett4Horses, Instruction Orun, Equine Myofascial Chain Taping, Fytho therapy and horsemanship. Together with her husband Ko, they own and operate Health4Horses. The heart of the company is the Seawalker, a unique aqua trainer. In all activities, the wellbeing of the horse is the most important. Monique’s skills and knowledge of a wide variety of therapies combined with her enthusiasm and experience mean your horse will find themselves in the best of hands.
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