CH Martin Bigler

Martina Bigler - 3 HOOF
Location: Switzerland

Living in Switzerland, near Lake Biel, Martina works as a Therapist, Nutritionist, and Trainer for Animals. Her passion is Horses and Dogs. Martina is a Dual Aktivierung® & Equikinetic® trainer, Horse Physiotherapist, and Acupuncturist.

Martina believes many animals are unbalanced across various areas of their bodies including their locomotor system, metabolism, and in their mental wellbeing. With individual therapy, training, and nutrition, she says it is possible to restore balance, fill deficits, and build a strong foundation. These are the essential requirements to a healthy and happy life. Martina uses SURE FOOT to support all her clients.

“Nothing else in the horse world helps a horse reprogram his movement so quickly. And, because SURE FOOT seems to work at a deep nervous system level, the horses maintain the progress.”

Dr. Joyce Harman, DVM

“Wendy Murdoch’s revolutionary SURE FOOT Program is a priceless gift to the horse world. I have seen remarkable results in mental, emotional, and physical balance of horses standing on these pads for only five minutes.”

Linda Tellington-Jones