SURE FOOT Practitioners are equine professionals who have completed the training to become an Authorized SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program Practitioner.

There are four levels of Authorized SURE FOOT Practitioners. Along with the authorizations for the preceding level, each HOOF requires additional training.

See forms below for applying to become a 1 HOOF Practitioner and for hosting a Practitioner Workshop.

Some of the requirements for each level are listed below. Please note that this is not a complete list. A Level of Proficiency document will be sent to applicants upon acceptance of the application. 

Hoof Levels:

1Hoof lvl 1 HOOF - May give private SURE FOOT Equine sessions

1 HOOF–entry-level prerequisites:

  • Currently an Equine Professional (Trainer, Trimmer, Farrier, Veterinarian, Tellington TTouch, Practitioner, Masterson Method Practitioner, etc.).
  • Attend a two-day SURE FOOT Practitioner Workshop
  • Demonstrate the following:
    • Safe practices for people and horses
    • An understanding of the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program
    • Allow the horse to choose
    • The ability to discuss SURE FOOT to others
    • Ability to observe and describe changes seen in the horses
  • Agree only use Murdoch Method SURE FOOT products
  • Submit 6 case studies
  • Approval by Wendy Murdoch and/or 4 Hoof Trainer

1 HOOF Professionals are authorized to:

  • Give private lessons using SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program and SURE FOOT Pads
  • Use the SURE FOOT Logo
  • Listed on Murdoch Method, LLC website

Demonstration of Proficiency 1-HOOF