Step 1 – Apply

  • Complete online application here
  • Receive approval
  • Pay administrative fees
  • Register for SURE FOOT Workshop

Definition of Administrative Fee:
$150 - Includes: Application Fee, Online Training Courses, and review of six Case Studies. Other benefits may include one-on-one training and mentorship by Wendy Murdoch or other 4 HOOF.

Once the application has been approved the Applicant will receive an email from the SURE FOOT Office with the link to pay the Administrative Fee. This fee is required and is necessary to receive the Pre-workshop online training links.

Step 2 – Learn

  • Complete Pre-workshop online training course (applicable to HOOF Levels 1 and 2)
  • Attend SURE FOOT Workshop (applicable to HOOF Levels 1 and 2)
  • Complete Post-workshop online training courses (applicable to all HOOF Levels)

Definition of Online Training Courses:
The online training courses help explain the use of SURE FOOT with various horses in different situations, both mounted and unmounted. The online training courses are also used to help Applicants and Practitioners learn more about the individual SURE FOOT Products, presentation skills, and business management. The Murdoch Method, LLC will continue to create new and improved training courses as the SURE FOOT Practitioner base continues to grow.

Step 3 – Prepare

  • Submit any necessary recommendations (applicable to 3 and 4 HOOF Levels)
  • Acquire necessary SURE FOOT Pads
  • Obtain certificate of liability insurance∗
  • Choose Case Study horses

SURE FOOT Pad requirements:
1 HOOF Applicant – required to have a minimum of two pairs of Pads of different density. For example, HARD and HARD Slants.
2 HOOF Applicant – required to have a minimum of four pairs of Pads of different density for Case Studies, and must show photo proof of six pairs of Pads of different density plus a HALF or FULL Physiopad prior to authorization. 4/20 PRACTITIONER ROADMAP

Step 4 – Practice

  • Demonstrate necessary knowledge and skills outlined in Proficiency document and training
    • Safe environment, horse handling skills, etc.
  • Submit required Case Studies
    • Consider – space, noise, distractions, video and sound quality
  • Submit any other required videos (applicable to HOOF Levels 3 and 4)
  • Applicants have 12 months from the date they complete a workshop to submit all required Case Studies and other information (applicable to all HOOF Levels).

Step 5 – Evaluate

  • Receive Case Study Feedback
    • Case Studies should be submitted one at a time to give Applicant the chance to utilize the feedback given in their next Case Study.
  • Re-submit if necessary
    • On the rare occasion an Applicant may be asked to re-submit a specific Case Study based on feedback.

Step 6 – Authorized

  • Achieve authorization
  • Receive Authorization Certificate and Pin
  • Market SURE FOOT Services
    • Marketing Guidelines will be shared once Applicant has been authorized
  • Make Horses Happy!!