Brinja RiedelBrinja Riedel - 4 Hoof
45478 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Tel: +49 173 8866882
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Brinja Riedel has been in the horse world since she was only four years old and since 2009 she has been exploring the world with her two own horses. These special relationships encourage her to complete training as an animal healer and equine physiotherapist. With a wide range of opportunities to support and strengthen horses on their way, she was always looking for new ways. The first contact with SURE FOOT followed in 2015. At that time, the product and brand were still completely unknown in Germany. Through direct contact with Wendy Murdoch, Brinja was able to import and test her first pads. Quickly convinced of the possibilities of the SURE FOOT pads, she built up a Germany-wide (and now Europe-wide) network around SURE FOOT together with Wendy Murdoch. The enthusiasm for the pads never waned. Even today, after years of use, she discovers new reactions in her horses and is constantly learning new areas of application for the pads.