US Lorie FleenorLorie Fleenor - 1 HOOF
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Location: Southwest VA and Northeast TN

As an 8th generation farmer, knowledge of animal welfare has always been a priority for Lorie Fleenor. Whole horse hoof care has been her passion since she first learned to trim in 2007. Lorie continues to educate herself so that she can better help people and horses find a pathway to health and happy trails. The SURE FOOT pad system has been helping Lorie trim and she now uses the pads therapeutically on all of her horses. Lorie is a certified trimmer and authorised SURE FOOT practitioner, and fully understands how important the hoof/body connection is to overall health and function of the horse. To help continue the education of her clients and fellow equestrians, Lorie hosts multiple clinics for riding and hoof care each year. She is also a very active member of her local horse community. With the help of her husband and two children Lorie runs where a 260 head cattle operation, boards 60+ horses, teaches riding, and offers training services.